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For the Fall 2020 season, CTW pivoted to

safely keep kids engaged in musical theatre

while staying socially distanced.

Fall 2020 Workshops

For the first time in 44 years, In lieu of a fully-staged musical production, our CTW Directors taught 14 small group, socially distanced workshops in person, each as a four week session.  


Our Directors Toby Nicholson and Aaron Umsted teamed up with Jenny Oelerich to work with the CTW kids to develop their acting, singing, and dancing skills using featured songs from some of our favorite musicals, culminating with a live performance for family members.  We're thrilled with the creative modifications they made to keep the kids engaged in the musical theatre experience they love.


We hope to fully get back on stage soon, but in the meantime, look for upcoming Workshop and Masterclass options in early 2021. 

Thank you to CTW for providing this wonderful programming. My daughter's brightest days were the days she could come to CTW. It was safe, positive and fabulous. We are very grateful to all that you have done to make it happen.
 It was great to be back at Matz Hall yesterday! I just wanted to thank you and everyone at CTW for adapting and using creativity to allow the kids to perform during this time. My son absolutely loved being a part of Guys and Dolls for the performing and for the friendships. He felt so lucky to work with Toby and Jenny. They were a fabulous team!
As my daughter was getting ready yesterday, she said she was feeling sad that yesterday was going to be her last theatre performance for the next few months. This has truly meant so much to her and it's always so wonderful to see these kids perform on stage. Thank you for everything you've done this Fall!!!​
It was so fun to see the kids back up on stage again. Neither my son nor I realized how much we missed it! Everything was so well done.  I know how much work has gone into making these productions a) presentable and b) safe, so thank you!!!!!!!!!!
Masterclass: Acting the song with Tamara Jenkins

It was great to see my son a little nervous to sing again as it’s been so long since he’s actually “performed” for anyone.  


I truly appreciate all that CTW is doing to support our children during this time of immense uncertainty.  While we’ll miss the big show this fall, we look forward to the workshops and are grateful for moments singing with friends at the Community House. 

In August 2020, Tamara Jenkins taught two Masterclass sessions on Zoom on acting the song.  Thirteen kids participated, and six others observed.


She first described the steps you go through to interpret the song, to know your character and to whom you’re speaking.  Then her husband, Jay Montgomery (who is a renown Broadway star) performed three different songs demonstrating very different situations to act.


Each student then took a turn at performing a song from

a musical, while Tamara coached them.  It was a great success, and wonderful opportunity for them to learn some more advanced techniques.

“Today’s master class with Tamara was absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!  My son loved working with her, and really got a lot out of it. It was so good to have this opportunity. He’s missed theatre so much.

My daughter learned a lot and is grateful for the opportunity.

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