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When are rehearsals and are they mandatory?
Rehearsals are scheduled after school on Tuesdays, Thursdays, some Fridays, as well as Saturday between 10 and 2. Children are expected to be at all rehearsals for which their role is called. Under certain circumstances or emergencies, the directors will give prior permission for a child to miss a rehearsal, but in general, this is to be avoided.  Illnesses are to be reported to the director as soon as possible prior to the start of rehearsal.

What is the cost of Children’s Theatre of Winnetka participation?
There is a production fee of $1000 per child/per show once your child has been cast.  The production fee for stage crew is $75. Both fees include a t-shirt in addition to a wonderful experience.  No child will be denied participation due to financial difficulty as confidential scholarships are available. For information, email

How much are parents involved and what requirements do they have once their child is in the show?
We are proud of our unique structure as a volunteer based community theater organization.  As such, we value parent participation and need it! CTW is able to present wonderful productions due largely in part to the hard work and dedication of our many parent volunteers.  Parents are requested to volunteer for at least two committees, such as set painting, props, costumes, make-up, cast parties, and lots more.  There are many opportunities, which require varying amounts of commitment, for parents to participate behind the scenes.

Are there other opportunities for my child if he/she does not get cast in the show?
Yes, CTW  offers opportunities for children to work backstage for each show.  As a member of our stage crew they will be managing props and or moving and managing the sets, while learning a lot about theatre production. Additionally, there are other theatre opportunities available through the Winnetka Community House.  Check out their program guide at

Does my child need to have professional singing, acting and dance training before auditioning?
Many of the children who audition have had prior acting, singing and/or dance lessons but it is certainly not required.  Our auditions are open to everyone 4th-8th grade who reside or attend school within New Trier Township.

Does everyone who auditions get cast in the show?
We have always had a large number of very talented children audition for our productions.  We make every effort to cast as many children as each production will allow. However, there will be children who will not be cast in any given production.  The selection process is based solely on your child’s audition in acting, singing and dancing and the specific requirements of the show being cast. Being cast in a prior show does not guarantee being cast in subsequent shows. 

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