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Summer Masterclass

This summer, Children’s Theatre of Winnetka offered a special class to our CTW community

“SCENE TO A SONG” with Tamara Jenkins

In August, Tamara Jenkins taught two Masterclass sessions on Zoom on acting the song.  Thirteen kids participated, and six others observed. She first described the steps you go through to interpret the song, to know your character and to whom you’re speaking.  Then her husband, Jay Montgomery (who is a renown Broadway star) performed three different songs demonstrating very different situations to act.

Each student took a turn at performing a song from a musical, after Tamara asked them a few questions about the character and their situation.  She would make suggestions, and they’d try it again, and as they went through the process, you could see them get stronger. The other participants and observers learned from what she was teaching by watching the process with each student.  It was a great success, and wonderful opportunity to learn some more advanced techniques.

Right after the class, a parent sent this e mail:  “Today’s master class with Tamara was absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!  (my child)  loved working with her, and really got a lot out of it.
It was so good to have this opportunity. He’s missed theatre so much.


Ms. Jenkins entertained audiences for over 30 years on and off Broadway, touring, and regionally. She was the founder and artistic Director of the Harbor Lights Theater Company in New York City, where she produced 29 equity productions. She has educated singers and actors for over 15 years in New York City through professional musical theatre training programs and vocal coaching, and is now bringing her talents to Chicago. We are thrilled to offer our actors an opportunity to work with her this August!

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