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Fall, 1975        A Christmas Carol

Spring, 1976   No, No, A Thousand Times No
Fall, 1976        Maria's Loom

Spring, 1977   Peter Pan
Fall, 1977       Rumpelstiltskin

Spring, 1978   Earthworms, Doorknobs,   
                    Milkweed and Ziggernaughts
Fall, 1978       The Cat Sitter Mystery

Spring, 1979   The Hobbit
Fall, 1979       Tom Sawyer

Spring, 1980   Once Upon a Mattress
Fall, 1980       The Phantom Tollbooth

Spring, 1981   The Boy Friend
Fall, 1981       The Lion, The Witch and
                    The Wardrobe

Spring, 1982   A Wonderful Town
Fall, 1982       Bugsy Malone

Spring, 1983   Li'l Abner
Fall, 1983        A Christmas Carol

Spring, 1984   The Wizard of Oz
Fall, 1984       Peter Pan

Spring, 1985   Bye Bye Birdie
Fall, 1985       The Lion, The Witch and
                     The Wardrobe

Spring, 1986   Oliver
Fall, 1986       Charlie and the
                     Chocolate Factory

Spring, 1987   Once Upon a Mattress
Fall, 1987       Bugsy Malone

Spring, 1988   The Sound of Music
Fall, 1988       The Hobbit

Spring, 1989   Li'l Abner
Fall, 1989       Annie

Spring, 1990  No No A Million Times No
Fall, 1990       The Wizard of Oz

Spring, 1991   Bye Bye Birdie
Fall, 1991       Follow that Rabbit

Spring, 1992   The Boy Friend
Fall, 1992       Annie

Spring, 1993   Once Upon a Mattress
Fall, 1993       Oliver

Spring, 1994   Peter Pan
Fall, 1994       The Wiz

Spring, 1995   Annie Get Your Gun
Fall, 1995        The Sound of Music

Spring, 1996   Meet Me in St. Louis
Fall, 1996       Bye Bye Birdie

Spring, 1997   The Music Man

Fall, 1997       Anything Goes

Spring, 1998   Hello Dolly
Fall, 1998       Annie

Spring, 1999   Oklahoma!
Fall, 1999       Oliver

Spring, 2000   Guys and Dolls
Fall, 2000       The Wiz

Spring, 2001   My Fair Lady
Fall, 2001        Good News

Spring, 2002   The Music Man
Fall, 2002       Joseph and The Technicolor 
​                     Dreamcoat

Spring, 2003   Annie Get Your Gun
Fall, 2003       The King and I

Spring, 2004   Oklahoma!
Fall, 2004       Fiddler on the Roof

Spring, 2005   Hello Dolly
Fall, 2005       Beauty and the Beast

Spring, 2006   The Sound of Music
Fall, 2006        Peter Pan

Spring, 2007   Meet Me in St. Louis
Fall, 2007       Oliver

Spring, 2008   Guys and Dolls
Fall, 2008       The Wiz

Spring, 2009   The Music Man
Fall, 2009       Joseph and The Technicolor 

Spring, 2010   Annie Get Your Gun
Fall, 2010       Good News

Spring, 2011   My Fair Lady
Fall, 2011        Aladdin

Spring, 2012   Oklahoma!
Fall, 2012        The Little Mermaid

Spring, 2013   Guys and Dolls
Fall, 2013        Fiddler on the Roof

Spring 2014    The Music Man
Fall 2014        Shrek The Musical

Spring 2015     Annie Get Your Gun
Fall, 2015        Mary Poppins

Spring 2016     The Sound of Music
Fall 2016         Annie Jr.

​Spring 2017     Hello, Dolly!
​Fall 2017          Oliver!

​Spring 2018     Once On This Island
Fall 2018         Peter Pan

​Spring 2019     The Wizard of OZ
Fall 2019         Beauty and the Beast

​Spring 2020     The Lion King

Spring 2021      The 25th Annual Putnam County

                       Spelling Bee

Fall 2021          You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Spring 2022     Matilda

Fall 2022         SpongeBob the Musical


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