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CTW is more than putting on a fantastic show...

I just wanted to send a note to say how grateful our family is.

The camaraderie, confidence boost and fun that my child had was much needed in this post-covid world.
CTW taught me to be a better person on and off the stage.  I am grateful for the wonderful training and friendships I made. -CTW Alum
This was truly a life-altering experience
CTW is about more than performing.  It's about making friends and memories. -CTW Actor       
What I’ve noticed is how theatre has built resilience in my daughter.  You don’t always get the part you want, but you cheer on your friends when they do. Such a great life lesson. -CTW Parent
Having CTW in our community is such a wonderful resource.  The quality of coaching provided to the kids is amazing!  -CTW Parent
CTW helped me find a love for the arts and
build my confidence. -CTW Alum

"I just wanted to just let you know how truly amazed we are with CTW. That our child had the privilege to be part of this wonderful organization, truly leaves me close to tears. 
I cannot tell you how much they loved being part of this experience..every single moment. The entire cast were always so supportive, warm and welcoming. He's met so many new kids -  in an environment where he finally fits in. I am just so grateful that our community offers this experience for these children to learn, grow, and flourish.  Many times over the course of that last week, I just kept thinking how lucky my kid was to be part of it.-CTW parent

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