CTW is about more than performing.  It's about making friends and memories. -CTW Actor       
CTW taught me to be a better person on and off the stage.  I am grateful for the wonderful training and friendships I made. -CTW Alum
What I’ve noticed is how theatre has built resilience in my daughter.  You don’t always get the part you want, but you cheer on your friends when they do. Such a great life lesson. -CTW Parent
Having CTW in our community is such a wonderful resource.  The quality of coaching provided to the kids is amazing!  -CTW Parent
CTW helped me find a love for the arts and
build my confidence. -CTW Alum

CTW is more than putting on a fantastic show...

"My favorite show at CTW is hard to choose, but I think doing The Little Mermaid is hard to beat. I was always excited for rehearsal and drove my brother nuts singing constantly at home! It was my third show at CTW then and I felt like I could welcome all of the newer kids and help them feel at home.


Being the assistant director for You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown has been so wonderful. CTW was a place where I felt supported as a child and I hope to provide that to all of our current cast members. Getting to work with young artists who are dedicated and passionate about their performances makes me look forward to each rehearsal. I am excited to see them grow as artists and people and I hope everyone is looking forward to the performance!"  -CTW Alum